River Offers Affiliate Information

Whether you are an experienced telecom salesperson or you are looking for the part-time second income, Commission River is the perfect opportunity for you. All you need to begin is a computer with Internet access. This opportunity is open to anyone and it works from any country in the world. With no investment required and a lot of free stuff that comes with it, we hope you will find it valuable.

About Commission River

Commission River is an Internet-enabled sales community that facilitates the introduction of customers to suppliers. While some think it impossible to be all things to all people, Commission River has become the low-cost provider to customers, the high-tech deliverer of services for vendors, and the user-friendly facilitator for agents.

What is affiliate marketing?

A merchant, also known as an advertiser or retailer, is a web site or company that sells a product or service online, accepts payments and fulfills orders.

Affiliates (also called publishers) place merchants' ads, text links, or product links on their web sites, shopping engines, blogs, etc. or include them in e-mail campaigns and search listings in exchange for commissions on leads or sales.


Affiliates and merchants choose Commission River because of our reliable and accurate tracking technology and unprecedented online marketing tools developed by the pioneers in the industry...

Main Features

  • Rewarding compensation plan
  • Free marketing tools
  • Online reporting
  • No cost to join
  • Advanced lookup online tools

Commission River Works!

Commission River, formerly Cognigen Networks, Inc., has paid out over $5M to our affiliates each of the past 5 years! Get your piece of the pie!

How Do We Compare?

Don't take our word for it, see for yourself how we stack up against the other guys!

CR LinkShare CJ
Recruiting Overrides YES no no
Real-time T1 lookup YES no no
Residual Commission YES no no

Compensation Plan

The most generous and rewarding plan on the market! We understand that our business depends on our agents so we want them to be happy!